What makes you feel proud of being an Indian?

What makes you feel proud of being an Indian?

Come on lets share your thought.

We can harp about inflation. Worry about instability at the Centre. Cry about terrorism. And condemn corruption. OR shout that we are big in Information Technology. Most of our professionals give foreigners a run for their money. Despite all opposition we still maintain our stance on Nuclear deal. As Indians we have many reasons to crib and even more to be proud of our country. What's your choice? What makes you a proud Indian?

Happy Independence Day!

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fernandez said...

I am a proud Indian.......Love my Nation above everything
Worlds second largets population Largest and Fastest Growing MiddleClass
Largest qualified and Qualifying Individuals Who will Run ALL world's Top Corporations within the next 15yrs like indraNooyi
The world will be under our Feet by 2020
Mera bharat Mahaan
Jai Hind