What does freedom mean for you in the current context?

India is fast approaching its 61st Independence Day. It will pass of as just another day for some and some of us might give a thought to what it means for us. Freedom can mean differently to all of us. From quitting your job to taking a sabbatical. From raising your voice against an issue which has been dragging for some time to letting go and relaxing? We are for sure grateful to the freedom fighters who have got this priceless independence. But the meaning of freedom has changed since then. What does freedom mean for you?


Tarandeep said...

This is the most misinterpreted word in India. According to us, it means the right to for action. But we should understand that it is the right to do the right action. Freedom doesnt mean the right to litter our land, it doesnt mean giving birth to as many children as possible, it doesnt mean contaminating the air, doesnt mean probing into others life and most important it doesnt mean shying away from the problems faced by our country.

If every Indian can spend some time thinking and acting on these, 'India' will become free.


Akash said...

where the mind is with out fear and the head is held high
Where thee knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken into fragments
My father let my country awake

-Rabindranath tagore