Easy Guide to Removing Sun Spots

The sun is a wonderful gift from nature but it can also be a curse to your precious skin. Sunlight is one of the best sources of Vitamin D and can even alleviate bad acne. However, it also contributes a lot to skin damage. Skin cancer, severe sunburn, dry skin, premature wrinkling, sun spots and discoloration are just some of the most common effects of overexposure to the sun. Sun spots are not only unappealing but they can also make you age ahead of time. Read more...

Easy Ways to Lighten Skin Spots

As women age, spots appear on the face, arms and shoulders. These spots are usually called age spots. But these spots are not directly connected with ones chronological age. These spots are caused by over exposure to the sun. Many women are concerned with these spots not for health concerns but because they are not nice to look. But removing skin spots should not be a big problem because there are several ways to do this. To help you with this concern, here are easy ways to lighten skin spots.
An easy and generally sure way to remove skin spots is through laser treatment. Laser treatments are done by experts to ensure safety. Though it is a guaranteed way to lighten skin spots they are not necessarily cheap. You need to spend hundreds of dollars for one laser treatment session. And usually you would need two or more sessions to free yourself of these unsightly spots.
Another easy way to remove skin spots is through cryosurgery. This surgery involves freezing to remove abnormal skin cells. It is a quick procedure and you could see results immediately. However, like laser treatment procedures, cryosurgery also involves a lot of money. You also need to spend hundred of dollars for this treatment. Read More...

A New Approach to Expatriate Pay in 2009

Too Much: The expatriate experiences short-term upside, as a result of a change in the exchange rate. A fall in the value of the host country currency against the home country currency, without an increase in the prices of goods and services in the host country, results in the expatriate having increased purchasing power. It may appear for a while that all is well. The expatriate has an unexpected windfall. A wise expatriate will save this windfall knowing that the situation will not be permanent. Either the exchange rate will adjust back to where it was or prices and inflation will begin to increase until economic equilibrium is achieved. The reality is, that in the short-term the employer will be faced with increased overall salary costs, and will eventually have to deal with disappointed expatriates when the trend inevitably reverses itself and their purchasing power drops again to realistic levels. Read More...

MJ 'killed by Demerol shot given by aide as personal doctor slept'

Michael Jackson reported suffered a heart attack after an aide injected him with a shot of powerful painkiller Demerol, while the star's personal doctor was sleeping.

Dr. Conrad Murray was said to have previously admitted to police that he administered surgical anaesthetic Propofol to the King of Pop that same day.

It was alleged that the aide gave the shot to Jackson on the superstar's demand, reportedly causing his heart to stop.

"Murray would set up a system to give Michael a steady intravenous release of Diprivan through the night," British tabloid The Sun quoted a case insider as saying.

"But this time Michael woke up before Murray did and asked one of his aides for some Demerol.

"The aide gave it to him, but it was too soon after receiving the anaesthetic. That's what killed him,".