MJ 'killed by Demerol shot given by aide as personal doctor slept'

Michael Jackson reported suffered a heart attack after an aide injected him with a shot of powerful painkiller Demerol, while the star's personal doctor was sleeping.

Dr. Conrad Murray was said to have previously admitted to police that he administered surgical anaesthetic Propofol to the King of Pop that same day.

It was alleged that the aide gave the shot to Jackson on the superstar's demand, reportedly causing his heart to stop.

"Murray would set up a system to give Michael a steady intravenous release of Diprivan through the night," British tabloid The Sun quoted a case insider as saying.

"But this time Michael woke up before Murray did and asked one of his aides for some Demerol.

"The aide gave it to him, but it was too soon after receiving the anaesthetic. That's what killed him,".

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