Paris Hilton: Introduction and Life Story

Paris Hilton Inroduction

Birthday: 2/17/1981
Nickname: The Star, Princess
Birthname: Paris Whitney Hilton
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Assets: Money, Bitchy attitude, model's Sign:Aquarius
Height: 5'8
Job: Socialite, Singer, Actress, Model, whore
Hobbies: Dating, making home movies
Country of Origin: Cambodia
Paris Hilton is the girl that needs no introduction. Everybody in the world knows of her, nobody is really sure why they know of her, and most people wish they didn’t know of her at all. She’s the most famous of those that are famous for being famous (others in this category include bff Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, and sister Nicky Hilton). Paris has been picked apart by the media for her bad behavior and for being a terrible example for young girls. She has even been named the number one worst celebrity of all time (AOL poll). All of this almost makes you feel sorry for Paris until you remember how stinking rich she is.

Life Story:
Paris is the heir apparent to the vast Hilton hotel and real estate dynasty. From a very young age she has had the dream to be in front of the cameras at all times, and amazingly enough her dream came true. After attending the exclusive Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, CA and being asked to leave, it was at the time Paris turned twenty one she was well known by all of the paparazzi in the business. By the time she was twenty five she had made one of the hottest selling videos in Hollywood. Of course it was a home made porno flick with Rick Solomon. Paris starred in the hit reality TV show The Simple Life (2003) with Nicole Richie. After the success of this show Paris went on to star in movies, such as House of Wax (2005), and release pop albums, such as Paris (2006), the latter included the single Stars are Blind. She then applied to be part of the 2 girls 1 cup video but because she is so full of crap, they denied her.
Paris found herself in hot water this past year when she was busted for driving drunk. This led to her incarceration in Lynn Wood prison in Los Angeles for twenty-three days. Surprisingly, this event didn’t get much attention from the media (please note the dripping sarcasm). Since being released Paris has pledged that she is a changed woman who only wants to help the world become a better place. But she also plans to release another album, so we don’t know what to believe.

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Sarcasim aside this is riddled with factual inaccuracies...If you are going to be an asshole at least you should do your homework....