Clothes make an impression even before you open your mouth!

Clothes make an impression even before you open your mouth. They're an almost inevitable extension of your personality, since you choose colours and cuts that you are most comfortable with.

Whether you like short skirts or prefer gender-bender ensembles, your style classifies you faster than you can say "fashion". Find out what kind of woman you are by taking a peek at what's hanging in your cupboard.

We've come up with five different 'types' of women, as defined by their clothes (the pics show what each one is likely to wear to office). The appropriately dressed has timeless taste, the attention grabber is confident of her body, the fashion forward can also become a victim, the one with a rebellious streak wants to be accepted the way she is and the jhola-clad, NGO/ journalist type, thinks there is no link between fashion and mettle.

But there is also a sixth type, the woman who wants to be invisible. And since she wants to fade away, we couldn't think of a picture! You could call her the 'sack specialist. 'She might have a killer figure and face to match, but she will always be clad in shapeless, unflattering garments. She will go for loose and baggy clothes, in colours that don't stand out, but help her conceal herself.

Three reasons why she does so: One, she might be self-conscious about the flaws in her figure, two, she might be low on self-confidence and three, she might want to downplay her gender because of her job. Classic Beauty This type is never inappropriately dressed for any occasion.

She sticks to simple yet elegant fashion choices. For office, she'll pick formal skirts and trousers, worn with perfectly ironed blouses and well-cut jackets.

But for an opulent party, she'll chuck the sober threads for a figure hugging dress in a colour she knows suits her complexion or an elegant sari. The jewellery will be expensive but low key, like a thin platinum chain or emerald ear studs.

Her make up will be natural and subtly enhance her features. The hair will always be well groomed. Says fashion designer Deepika Govind, "This woman is elegant and confident about herself. She wants to draw attention to herself and not her clothes.

Her attire is a way of enhancing her persona." Dubbed as the "classy lady", she wears items that are timeless.

So while she might not be trendy, she will never be called old-fashioned either. In fact, this kind of dresser prefers creating a personalised look for herself.

What she thinks: "I am comfortable in my skin. I don't need to be flashy. I dress according to the occasion." Likely to wear: Office: Formals.

Party: Dresses that flatter her figure without being showy. Casual outing: The comfortable tee and jeans.

Upside: Will never stick out like a sore thumb. Downside: Is predictable.

Celebrity Type: Preity Zinta. Eyes On Me She likes being the cynosure of all eyes.

So her outfits make heads turn. She is a step ahead of the classic beauty; she is not only comfortable in her skin but also has a no-holds-bar attitude about flaunting her figure.

Fashion designer Manju Grover points out two subtypes to this category. "Some bold dressers like to have fun with their clothes.

They experiment with bright and bold colours, prints and choose unusual styles, patterns and silhouettes. The second type is the "over the top" sort who revels in plunging necklines, skin-tight fits and dangerously raised hemlines. "Spotting such a woman is quite easy. She'll pair a sexy halter top with formal pants, even in office.

She adds the outr and #233; touch even to a sari. A bright colour or wearing the sari low on the waist with a risqu and #233; blouse is her style. What she thinks: "Everybody look at me. I am confident about my body.

"Likely to wear: Office: Short formal skirt with a bright shirt/fitted pants with a cut-sleeve top. Party: A golden, body-hugging short dress.

Casual outing: Cleavage-baring top with low-rise jeans. Upside: Her experimentation makes her interesting. The range of colours and styles are always exciting to watch. Downside: Might tipple the thin line between appropriate dressing and vulgarity.

Celebrity Type: Malika Sherawat. Miss Trendy If it's in vogue, she has it.

This trendy diva follows fashion trends like people follow stock markets. Even a slight shift in the fashion barometer directly affects her wardrobe.

It doesn't matter where she is headed - to the office, a party or for an evening jog - her attire will reflect changing styles. Agrees designer Manju Grover, "Skinny jeans or bell-bottoms - the latest style will be in her wardrobe before anybody else.

She will always be geared for any fashion emergency. Trend conscious women also track precise colour forecasts for the season.

" Her clothes might be impractical or uncomfortable but they will look like they are fresh off the ramp. What she is saying: "I am in sync with everything around me.

" Likely to wear: Office: A knee-length balloon skirt with a simple, formal blouse. Or anything that's in vogue.

Party: A short shirt dress or a net sari. Casual outing: Skinny jeans with empire line strappy top.

Upside: Can be a trendsetter in her group. Downside: No individual taste.

Oh, so boring! Celebrity Type: Kareena Kapoor. The Rebel She is a non-conformist and individualistic.

" A pair of ethnic jhumkas and bangles with a leather jacket would be her style. Likely to wear: Office: Cotton sari with a long silk kurti and running shoes, informal skirt with formal shirt.

Party: It just has to be oddly matched. A knee-length dress with jeans and running shoes.

Casual time-out: Anything she can find in her closet. What she says: "I am unique and I don't conform to norms.

I can look good without having to follow what people think is fashionable." Upside: Celebrates individuality.

Can throw up surprises. Downside: One can end up looking extremely garish and out-of-place.

Not everyone can carry off the enfant terrible look. Celebrity Type: Kangana Ranaut.

Club Jhola This variety is often spotted in newspaper offices and at NGOs or is part of some theatre group or literary association. The jhola-carrying woman is as far from fashion and trends as one can possibly be.

And that is how she prefers it. She loves her khadi kurtas, some mixed with silk, in all lengths with jeans, Kolhapuri chappals and the ubiquitous jhola, that might be stocked with Ibsen's anthology of plays or Premchand.

Don't get her wrong - she does want to look good but also wants to proclaim that she has mettle and is an intellectual. But it's also about functionality.

Says designer Deepika Govind, "Since cotton is a symbol of functionality and reflects minimalism, it is popular with this type. They also sport artistic pieces of jewellery.

And loads of kohl." What she says: "I am a woman of substance.

" Likely to wear: Office: Cotton saris. Party: Khadi-silk sari with silver jewellery.

Casual time-out: Khadi or cotton pyjamas with tops or skirts and Kolhapuri chappals. Upside: Is recognised as an intellectual.

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