The 3 smart tips about online dating

For a lonely soul, online dating is a god sent 'cupid', for you can find the partner of your dreams courtesy the Internet world.

Although the whole idea of hunting for a spouse is enthralling, they're few things you should keep in mind.

They include -

1. The Net is just as good as church when you're hunting for a spouse. eventeen percent of online daters have turned virtual winks into marriage or long-term relationships; that's 3 million people.

2. Love is blind - or gullible.

The typical bachelorette's profile claims that she's 20 pounds lighter than the average American woman. And the average bachelor's profile says he's more than an inch taller than the average American man.

3.Don't sweat it.

Women don't care about size -as long as you clock ducats.

A 5'8" beau can score as many dates as a 6' gent if he makes 146,000 dollars more a year. And the ladies are equally attracted to 5'2" men who make 277,000 dollars more than Mr. Lanky.

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