Success in Life -------- Just 4 steps

Have you dreamed about success for most of your life, but never felt that you truly achieved success? Why is it that everyone else achieves success, but it seems that you get left behind?

Success is not something you get by luck.

Success HAS to be achieved. This means that you cannot be successful without going after it and achieving it. No one is going to hand you your success. The lottery is not going to make you successful. The successful person sets goals and then, they find a way to achieve those goals. They don’t stop until those goals have been achieved.

How to become successful in life is a statement that we have all heard, but how do you achieve success. Here are a few hints that will help you in finding your success.

First, you must gain a positive attitude. You cannot view the world and expect to become successful.

Second, it is impossible to be successful if you just sit back and wait for it. You have to be active and you have to chase after your success.

Third, you have to get rid of any fears you might have that hold you back. Most people get caught up here. They know what it takes to be successful, but they are afraid. Afraid of what others might think. Afraid of what might be said and how crazy someone might think they are. I guarantee this all goes away once you become successful. No one will ever say or think differently about you unless you give them the reasons to.

Last, you have to surround yourself with successful people. You will become what you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with slackers you will catch yourself slacking. This is the way we work as humans and how we think. We rationalize our actions because of the actions of someone else. STOP! Become successful by eliminating the bad apples in your social group.

Now go use these four steps to success in life. I guarantee you will see a difference in yourself when you start following these four secrets.


reema said...

i think u r is well said dont u think...........when r spirits r high it does whom we r with.......

Tarandeep said...

Yes reema its true that when our spirits are high we doesnt matter with whom we are working. But still we need such people around us, that make you feel that you really have to work hard to achieve your goal. When you see such people you can feel that you have to face a great competition here.. And you works with double pace. If u have people with less capability then you around then you are not going to feel such competatively. Keep commenting.