Daughter's Day: Loving the girl child

After institutionalising western concepts like Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and many others, Archies Ltd now aims to highlight the cause of the girl child - a cause intrinsic to our country.

Daughter's Day is the celebration of the girl child. Through this we are trying to drive home the fact that the daughter is as good as the son. We are trying to break to break age-old myth that a daughter is a 'cause' to be pitied and sympathized for. We wanted to remind people the adage that, "a son is a son till he gets a wife, but a daughter is a daughter for life" . This occasion would also give an opportunity to parents to show their daughters how precious they are to them and reinforce the fact that a daughter, is in no way lesser than a son.

Everyday hundreds of girl foetuses are being aborted , new-born girls being thrown into dustbins, the girl child being given less food and education than their brothers. Girls being traded across the country as breeding stock, they are being burnt for dowry. How can this be limited to metros. Yes, we do have specific states in mind, especially the northern part of the country but we expect this to have a rippling effect all over.

Not only this day, but on all days
I remember you and love you,
May many happy thoughts of yours
Appear in my mind, as many moments,
Since you are so special, from
Your birth, my lone daugther.
You are the symbol of all daughters
In the world and of feminity,
So much ruled by male schauvanism,
Let all the elements in the world,
Bless you to equal man and
His useless prowess, which does
Nothing but to please you
And show off his masculilinity
And Superiority to the world.

From the time you were born,
You lived as if to fulfill my dreams,
Hundreds of times you were filled
With ecstacy and pride when
You were a tiny tot, at my touch,
But alas, you lost the same,
As you grew to adult hood,
'Cause of your feelings on manhood.

Neverthless, here are millions
Of bouquets fo love and affection,
And may you grow to be the lady of
My dreams, labour and 'xpectations.

May also alll daughters of today,
Be released from the fears
Of molestations and highhandedness,
May they be brave into the world,
So they make the world finer,
And teach their sons to be best men.

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