Why Cod Liver Oil is an Essential Health Supplement

Cod liver oil is a popular supplement which has been used by families across the generations as a way to improve their health. It can help reduce depression, augment the immune system and promote better blood circulation. The reason it is so healthy is because it is rich in four sources of essential nutrients, which are the omega 3s DHA and EPA, vitamin A and vitamin D.

Omega 3 DHA - This is a kind of fatty acid that is important for maintaining the health of the nervous system and promoting excellent sight. The skin, hair, bones and teeth all develop better when it there are sufficient levels of it within the body. Additionally, research has also linked it with both the prevention of depression, and the alleviation of symptoms associated with it.

Omega 3 EPA - The main benefits of this fatty acid are that it improves the body’s cardiovascular system and reduces inflammation. A secondary benefit is the slowing of the onset of arthritis. Elderly people especially need this fatty acid as part of their dietary intake, though it is still recommended for younger people too. Read more...

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