10 Secrets for Success!!!

1. Study the competition.

2. Be firm. Superior quality manager faces up to even the bad news. Keep calm, and then every problem will be resolved quickly. First, always try to learn the bad news, then good.

3. Focus on the Internet. In coming years, there remain only two types of companies: those who are in the network and those who graduated from a business.

4. Do not pay attention to success. Having achieved one goal - not sitting on the ground, immediately take a new one. Competitors are not sitting idly by.

5. Create conditions for development. The purpose of an experienced manager to create a good environment for their own subordinates. They reciprocate.

6. Start today. If you have something not happy at work - create your own business. Take time just for what you really interesting.

7. Think. Several times a year, hop off the familiar environment to reflect the decision of accumulated problems.

8. Afraid to fail. Doubt the correctness of their actions before the commission, and after - make your conclusions.

9. Rely on new technology. Electronic information is capable of performing miracles.

10. Hop off the crowd. It is not always the right direction. Always choose the way of development.

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