Overheating Laptops Are a Serious Issue

Excessive heat is an enemy of functioning computer parts. Desktop computers benefit from lots of open space for several fans. This makes the dissipation of heat simpler. Sadly, it’s more challenging when you are dealing with a laptop. There are only a few ways to control the operating temperature of your laptop.

For some reason, laptops are typically built with ventilation on the bottom. If these vents become covered up with comforters, thick carpets or even your legs, they will not be able to draw heat away from the interior and the laptop will begin to overheat. The unfortunate thing is that this means laptop fans will not be able to circulate air when resting in your lap. While a little heat every once in a while won’t instantly permanently damage your computer, this will wreck the delicate components over time.

Some laptop overheating problems are not caused by obstructed vents, although it is an extremely common issue. Resting your laptop in an excessively hot environment can sometimes result in internal heating issues. It’s better not to use your laptop on a hot surface like a metal table in the sun or near a hot stove. Keeping laptops off of hot surfaces and away from sources of heat are two easy ways to reduce overheating problems caused by environmental issues. Read more...

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