Top 10 Website Mistakes

Having a Website is an invaluable tool for business… but having a bad one might be worse than having none at all. Whether you’re creating a brand new Website, or trying to figure out why the one you have isn’t working, beware these costly mistakes.

1) Choosing the Wrong Domain Name

Just like naming a new baby, considerable thought should go into your choice of a Domain name. It doesn’t have to be your company name, and in fact, sometimes it shouldn’t be.

Web addresses should ideally contain keywords, be easy to remember and easy to type. If you’re a for-profit business, your Website address should end in dot-com.

2) Not Capturing Visitor Info

How will you know who’s using your Website? Every visitor who leaves your site without giving their contact information is an opportunity lost. It’s vital that you capture visitor information. Offer a free newsletter, special report or membership – anything that gives visitors an incentive to sign up. Remember, people rarely buy on their first visit to a website. It takes time to build up trust and credibility. You can then contact them again in the future. You’ll also entice more people if you promise you won’t sell their information to anyone else. Read more...

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