Sex, sighs and surveys: Prediction 2008

Children make some of the most candid observations. When a six-year-old asked at a party, "Why do elders get funny when someone says sex?" the adults present didn't have an answer. Much later someone said, "Last year there was too much sex-talk in the air, don't know what will happen this year."

Going by the many surveys last year and all thing sex-related that made the headlines, here is what we think will be utmost on our minds in 2008, sexually of course.

1. Children and sex will remain in focus.
Both in terms of child sex education and child pornography/sexual abuse. They should too given the September 2007 report released by the Ministry and Child Development announced we had 53.22 per cent children abused in India.
Circa 2008: Given the rising numbers and the raging debate around sex-education for children, hopefully'sex education' will be viewed differently: Less on whether 16-year-olds are mating in class and more about protecting the children from what should not happen to them, be it someone their age or older.

2. Much time will be devoted to the Search for the Big O

More column space, more lad mags and chick-lit, more blogs and yes, more sex... While 68 per cent Indians are happy with their sex lives apparently only 46 per cent have'regular' orgasms (Durex Sexual Wellbeing Survey, April 2007).
Circa 2008: The rest of the Indians will also strive to the join the happy-with-sex-lives lot and those who are having sex will find no reason to stop seeking that O.

3. Sex, fast and furious

Survey also shows that Indians get satisfied with little and have the quickest sex in the world. The rest of the world takes 18 minutes while we make do with 13 minutes. We are fast and even the women don't mind given 66 per cent of Indian women were satisfied with their sex lives. Foreplay of course is a myth.
Circa 2008: However, given that the lesser men were satisfied with their sex lives (58 per cent) as compared to the women, men would have sex even faster and with more women to satisfy themselves. Five years of research and studying 237 reasons on WHY people have sex, research has already shown that it's lust that drives temptation and not love. Infidelity will definitely increase.

4. Condom sale rises, government bp rises too

Vibrating condoms, glowing condoms, condoms with rings, paan flavoured condoms, female condom... 2007 saw much happening in the latex industry. While people responded positively, some felt sexual satisfaction was against'Indian culture'. It's a miracle 68 per cent Indians are happy with their sex lives.
Circa 2008: Sides will be divided on whether vibrating condoms are sex toys and if sex toys should be allowed. While sex toys might just be introduced in the market this year, availability and access are question. While 57 per cent Indians want sex toys (politically correct phrase is'products aimed at improving sex lives') it will be an interesting purchase for most are shy even when purchasing condoms.

5. And adult sex education someone?

Just when Indian parents were celebrating that their teenage children are really not having sex in schools - research showed that Indians lose their virginity late at 22.9 years - another research announced that late'losers' could have sex related problems, like premature ejaculation. A whole lot of Indians don't get married till 30 years.
Circa 2008: With teenagers growing up confused about sex and government banning anything related to Sexual Pleasure for adults, Indians will be clearly divided. A large number of Indians will marry young. The late singles will live-in with each other... Those who cant get married or cant find a release will roam the streets, disrobing women in mobs. There will be more trouble with landlords and more government people will be unhappy. There will be more surveys.


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