How to relax our Mind? Do read Worth Reading.

A mind filled with tension and unhappiness leads to negative thoughts. Such a mind creates problems to oneself and others.

In a contrast, a mind is relaxed and happy comes from positive thoughts. Transforming negative thoughts into positive thoughts is a hallmark of wisdom. It is well illustrated by Gautama Buddha, in an anecdote.

Once Buddha was addressing a large gathering of disciples. During the disclosure, one person, out of jealousy, abused Buddha. Buddha lovingly replied, “people are waiting to listen to my discourse in the neighbouring village; please do come tomorrow”.

The man was shocked. He asked Buddha, “Are you not hurt by my harsh words?” Buddha replied, “In order to hurt me, you should have met before my Enlightenment. Just as fire loses its potency when it comes into contact with water, your words, even though full of fury, lost their sharpness when they are hurled at me now”.

This is the positive thought centre one has to awaken. Before Buddha’s Enlightenment everything and everybody hurt him. But after he attained illumination the negative thought centre has changed completely. There is yet another story that inspires us into a different thought process.

Once a father felt disturbed when his son made noise. He thought of a method to calm his son. He tore a world map into pieces and asked his son to join them. To his surprise, the son came back with the world map neatly pasted, in a few minutes.

How did you this? Asked the father. The son replied, “Behind the world map, there was a picture of a man and I could join them easily.” Here the father, who was not aware of son’s potential, was finally led to discover it. It is an awakening for the father that he could channalise his son’s energy and intelligence for a positive cause.

Let us change ourselves. The world will change by itself. At the same time, let us not get lost in changing only ourselves and forget to include others in our growth. We live in an “I and you” world.

Think over on the following.

To a question, “Who is flying the kite”?

A boy replies, “I am flying the kite”.

The tail of the kite says, “I am flying the kite”.

The string says, “I am flying the kite”.

Voice of the lord said, “Oh! Children, we are flying the kite”.

Hence, the Vedic prayer says, “Let us all be Enlightened.”

We can relax in this world only when we teach our selves and others to strengthen our strengths and weaken our weakness.

Whatever be our weakness, if we identify it, the negative thought centre in us will lose its grip on us.

Life is both fair and unfair. Learn to be a good discoverer. Studies show that happy people are good discoverers and also have the courage to encounter unfairness.

Let our goodness come from our strengths, not from weakness.

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